TVA's Qualifier

TVA’s Qualifier is a specialized survey designed to function as a reverse business plan. The 65-question survey covers all the main aspects of your business from its financial structure to your marketing plan. The questionnaire is a simple, 14-tab fill-in form which can be saved and worked on by more than one person. We recommend that (where possible) you have your staff work on those areas that best represent their expertise (i.e., CFO working on financials, etc.)


The survey takes input provided by the entrepreneur and determines which one of twenty-four proprietary models is THE most appropriate one to measure the entrepreneur against. Each proprietary model examines and weighs twelve (12) key areas to reach an assessment concerning how the entrepreneur measures up to the perceived "ideal" represented by the template model. A typical Radar Graph result is shown on this page. The more RED you see, the more RED flags there are to deter potential investors.

Once the Qualifier is complete and submitted for review, TVA will produce a computer-generated report that takes your answers and prepares a TVA Radar Graph customized to your company. With it, you will be able to instantly see your your business rates when compared to our “Ideal” model for your type of company. TVA also offers an upgraded report (for an additional charge) that will provide detailed feedback and comparison to benchmarks that will further help your understanding.


TVA developed the Qualifier at the request of Forbes so entrepreneurs could get a faster, low cost look at themselves. Thus, TVA highly recommends this tool as your first step to determining your potential fundability.  It will help you to quickly identify whether or not your company would be a viable candidate for funding. If not, it will help you gain a realistic understanding of how close you are and where you’d need to focus your efforts.



Once you’ve completed the Qualifier and have your report, you can choose to:
  • ADD the Vulnerability Feedback as your next step. This choice will provide you with a 1-hour consultation with a TVA expert who will walk you through your Qualifier Report and answer questions plus provide valuable suggestions; OR

  • GET AGGRESSIVE and take the Fundability Assessment where you can “take this whole exercise to the next level” and get serious about making the necessary improvements; OR

  • PUNT and try to solve your issues on your own.


No matter what choice you make, we’ll always be here for you and we’ll always wish you the very best! Being an entrepreneur is not easy!