Our Mission

Our mission is to make you fundable! We do that by providing entrepreneurs with a safe and structured environment where they can begin to see themselves in the same light a typical investor would see them. Most importantly, at TVA, our clients can “fail” without incurring the penalty of rejection and lost opportunity. The fact is, 95% of those companies tested by TVA are not deemed fundable (a statistic consistent with what VC’s and Angel groups report!) But, at TVA, any score deemed below the fundability mark is a “No harm, no foul” experience. No penalty is imposed but, the knowledge gained can now be utilized and corrected before it crashes your hopes in a real presentation. The process works like this:

  • First, TVA offers two entry portals – the Qualifier (our most basic product) and the second is our full-on due diligence product called the Fundability Assessment. Each has very clear objectives:

    • Collect information from the entrepreneur that is relevant to evaluating them as a potential candidate for funding from a professional type of investor.
    • Provide honest, unbiased and actionable feedback to the entrepreneur that will help them improve their value proposition.
    • Because this feedback is shared only with the entrepreneur, it allows them to reveal a “less than perfect” image without the fear of losing their hope for funding.

  • Second, TVA offers a variety of products and options intended to help our clients learn as much as they can about themselves. TVA’s dual portal gives the entrepreneur both a low-cost entry and a “dive into the deep end” option. At the high end, some of TVA’s deliverables include:

    • A comprehensive 12-15 page report providing a thorough SWOT analysis of the entrepreneur’s business.
    • Customized versions of TVA’s trademarked Radar Graphs giving a visual depiction of how the entrepreneur compares to what TVA believes would be the “ideal” model for them.
    • On-line conferences with specially chosen TVA experts and/or carefully selected consultants who specialize in the areas TVA has identified as needing attention.
    • Referrals to locally based, “Community Validated” consultants who our clients can depend on to reliably help them address the issues identified by TVA.
    • A numerical score that will help the client know exactly where they stand and (even better) how much further they need to improve.

  • Third, the TVA process is all about measuring improvement. For those choosing one of our fee-for-service products, TVA encourages our clients to come back and get a re-score. Re-scores provide a means to track progress and are provided free on the first return providing it is done within one year of the first scoring.

  • Finally, for those clients whose score suggests they are ready for funding, TVA offers the following assistance:

    • The opportunity to be published on one (or more) of TVA’s TIGER Lists. TVA has found that such credible exposure helps immensely in attracting investors. Previous TVA lists have helped raise hundreds of millions in investment capital for those entrepreneurs listed.
    • In many cases, TVA has been successful in making introductions to certain capital sources where those sources ultimately made an investment. TVA does not charge any referral fees for these services.
    • Occasionally, TVA may agree to provide internal consulting services to those entrepreneurs who are located within the Southern California region in which it is headquartered.