Our Mission is to get you funded

Investors are actively looking for good businesses to invest in that have a plan and the capacity for effective usage of capital in supporting significant growth. It is our job is to get you ready for them.

By submitting your business proposal here, TVA will analyze your company’s business plan and, provide specific feedback as to its strengths and weaknesses, work with you to improve key business elements that are critically important to investors and, if you are ready, get you funded. For more detailed information on the TVA Process, click here.

The cost of TVA’s service is only $2,000 for non-revenue companies, slightly higher for those businesses generating revenue. (Click here for more details.) This means that for less than half the cost of a full fare coach plane ticket across the U.S., (to meet a VC who most likely will say, “no, thanks”) you can be on the road to funding your business.

The submission process is detailed, and you do not have to finish it at one sitting. Take your time, and if you have any questions, you can call us at (949) 679-2159 or (949) 679-2105 or email us at info@tvausa.com.

We look forward to getting YOU funded!

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