How We Do It

We know what is important to investors. Using this knowledge, TVA is able to quickly asses the true potential of your company. While less than 5% of TVA applicants are deemed ready for funding at their initial review, TVA believes that as many as 75% of these companies could be viable, fundable entities.  All that is required is some applied enhancements made possible by responding to the issues raised by TVA’s assessment.

The TVA Process

 How you begin is up to you. TVA provides a low-cost, “toe-in-the-water” assessment by starting with our Qualifier Survey.

The best option is to pay for the Qualifier up front as, in doing so, you’ll not only get the trademarked TVA Radar Graph to visually show you how you did but, you’ll also get an expanded report giving advice on how you could improve. Those who do not pay up front, will get the option to “upgrade” their report but their costs will be higher.  The Vulnerability Feedback report not only includes the expanded report – it also includes a 1-hour consultation to discuss the results and possible “next-step” strategies.

The most extensive part of our process involves the Fundability Assessment.  Entrepreneurs completing this 1,000+ questionnaire will receive a vast array of feedback (See chart on this page) designed to provide them with the best insights possible into how their value proposition will be perceived.

TVA scores entrepreneurs on a scale of 0 to a maximum of 1,200 points. Just like a FICO-score, the higher your score, the more likely you are to get funded (and, at better terms!!!) Generally, any client who scores >800 points is considered to have the potential for funding and TVA can help guide those clients toward resources that can help them “bridge the gap.” Those clients whose score exceeds 1,000 are deemed to be ready to seek funding. Once they achieve this score, they may choose to seek funding on their own and/or work with TVA and their resources to add to their options. However, the one thing TVA has discovered that provides THE BEST opportunity to raise capital is to garner what we call “credible recognition” via a recognized publisher. For example, the Forbes list of America’s Most Promising Companies helped 20 companies rated by TVA to raise >$92M in within the first year of publication. TVA calls such lists, TIGER lists (Top Investment Grade EntrepreneuR’s®™ ). TVA is working to create local, niche-based and national lists where both investors and entrepreneurs could find the very best, fully vetted, “Investment Grade” entrepreneurs. Will YOU be one of them?