Our History

The concept for The Venture Alliance (TVA) was developed during the height of the “dot.com” craziness where the sheer volume of entrepreneurs forced us to ask if a better, more efficient way could be created for finding and funding the very best entrepreneurs. Our premise was simple, screening entrepreneurs’ proposals by reading an executive summary or business plan didn’t work. Invariably, critical information was overlooked by the entrepreneur and/or bloated discussions of the entrepreneur defending their position obscured the value proposition. So, as investors, we had a choice – either call for a meeting to see if there was a good answer to our questions or take a pass.

Unfortunately, since the supply of entrepreneurs is never lacking, the easy answer is to take a pass. This process, in our mind, was causing many good entrepreneurs to be rejected when all that was needed was a methodology to give the entrepreneur a chance to answer those “unresolved” issues. Thus, the concept of TVA was born as a tool for entrepreneurs to present their value proposition in a standardized form which ensures a full and fair review of each opportunity.

Over the ensuing years, TVA has evaluated thousands of companies and is constantly perfecting our scoring process.

Think of us as the “FICO”-score equivalent for private equity. When a company scores 1,000 points or better from our assessment process (the maximum is 1,200), we deem them as having a “high-grade” investment potential. Our process has earned us the recognition of Forbes who chose us to provide the methodology by which its list of “America’s Most Promising Companies” would be chosen.