The Fundability Assessment is our flagship product. A 1,000-question form, it covers every area of your business in considerable depth and gives the TVA team a complete view of your business as it currently stands.

Entrepreneurs completing the Fundability Assessment receive:
  • TVA’s 12-15 page SCORE Report which includes a detailed SWOT analysis. This document will identify and provide guidance for getting your business plan ready for review by funding sources.
  • Two of TVA’s trade-marked “Radar graph’s showing (a) how your company compares to an “ideal” model for your type and stage of company and (b) how your company compares to other companies that are “similar” to yours.
  • The TVA fundability curve which shows the likelihood of funding and where your company fits on the curve.
  • The numerical TVA Fundability Score (required to continue the funding process).

  • One hour with our expert facilitation team.

The numerical Fundability Score is a necessary prerequisite to the TVA funding process. The investors in our Investor Alliance require a score of over 800 for consideration and most

are looking for scores in excess of 1,000. TVA is committed to moving as many businesses to that level as possible.

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Fundability Curve
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Radar Graph
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