The level and type of feedback received will vary according to the product the entrepreneur selects.  For the Qualifier, the feedback will depend upon what, if any, upgrades they have chosen. The Basic Qualifier includes a computer-generated report along with a customized Radar Graph (See diagram on this page). The entrepreneur has the option to pay for an enhanced report that provides both advice and benchmarks showing the client where they can improve and how far they missed the mark. The Vulnerability Feedback enables the client to have a 1-hour consultation with a TVA Advisor to discuss and explain their results.

Radar Graphs: Here you see two radar graphs charting the actual scoring of one business. You can easily compare areas of business, what an investor’s expectations might be, and your ranking in your industry. Click here for more information on the TVA Radar Graphs.

Our flagship product, the Fundability Assessment, is all about feedback. And, it comes at you in three ways:


  1. REPORTING:  All applicants receive a 10-15 page TVA SCORE Report that provides customized feedback designed to enhance your overall business plan and value proposition to potential investors.  Included in this report are:

  2. TARGETED ADVICE:  If the numerical score received is less than 1,000, TVA asks the question; “What type of consulting expert could best help this entrepreneur resolve their issues?”  TVA takes great pride in finding truly “world-class” resources that won’t gouge our clients with inflated prices and disappointing results. And, wherever possible, we try and find those resources as geographically convenient to our clients as possible. But, no client is ever required to accept our recommendations and we collect no referral fees if they do.

  1. DISCUSSION:  Finally, once your report has been completed and distributed, TVA will schedule a follow-up call with our team to discuss, explain and answer any questions about your report. Our goal is to ensure that EVERY Client is fully informed of EVERY opportunity available to them so they can maximize their chances of success. No other program provides more thorough feedback than TVA!

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Fundability Curve: This will show you exactly where your business is in comparison with expected fundability. Click here to see more about the Fundability Curve.