Over 95% of companies applying to TVA are not fully ready for funding. With each SCORE Report, we determine the three (3) most important issues that need attention. The business owner will be referred to a member of the local consultancy program who can assist in addressing each issue. Thus, for every TVA application, (up to) three referrals are made to the consultancy. TVA’s partnership with these consultants provides a significant pool of experts to review, qualify and support your company’s capital needs. This process is as follows:

STEP #1:

Provide detailed commen-

tary in the TVA Report to call each Applicant’s attention to their problem areas.

STEP #2:
Share with each Applicant how to get the most out of our recommendations via a one- hour conference call between key members of the Applicants team and TVA.
STEP #3:
In the above call, try to impress upon the Applicant the importance of engaging the resources that can help them fix the issues raised. They don’t have to hire TVA’s identified resources
but someone with the appropriate level of expertise is strongly recommended.

STEP #4:
Once the Applicant has made their best effort to fix the issues raised in their original SCORE report, they are allowed (at no additional charge) to resubmit back to TVA a new, revised set of answers to be evaluated for a rescore. TVA will provide this rescoring opportunity only once for each client (providing it is requested within one year

of the original SCORE report). If their new score raises them to a “Funding Likely” level of above 1,000, TVA will then help initiate the funding process. However, if the Applicant fails to score high enough to move on, any further evaluations will require a new application.