As previously mentioned, most business owners choose to begin their journey with the easier 65-question Qualifier Survey.  Once they have completed the survey, they will be given the option to purchase an upgraded report (The Vulnerability Feedback) which provides more textual commentary on the Radar Graph that normally comes with the Qualifier report. The Vulnerability Feedback option also allows the client to upgrade to a 1-hour consultation if desired.


For those who choose to purchase the Fundability Assessment product, TVA provides those entrepreneurs with an extensive feedback report, a numerical TVA Fundability Score along with the graphic fundability curve, two Radar Graphs, a detailed SWOT analysis and a live consultation with our Facilitation Team to explain the results and discuss options.




Those applicants with a TVA Score greater than 1,000 will be eligible for one or more of the following:


  • The opportunity to be published on one (or more) of TVA’s TIGER Lists. TVA has found that such credible exposure helps immensely in attracting investors. Previous TVA lists have helped raise hundreds of millions in investment capital for those entrepreneurs listed.

  • In many cases, TVA has been successful in making introductions to certain capital sources where those sources ultimately made an investment. TVA does not charge any referral fees for these services. TVA is also in the process of creating a subscription service where investors can find and choose which entrepreneurs they’d like to know more about. Only those entrepreneurs with superior scores will be listed in this private section.

  • Occasionally, TVA may agree to provide internal consulting services to those entrepreneurs who are located within the Southern California region in which it is headquartered.

Applicants who score below 1,000 will be referred to locally based, “Community Validated” consultants who our clients can depend on to reliably help them address the issues identified by TVA.  Use of this consulting network is optional, yet highly recommended.


Although TVA will allow any prior client to get one FREE re-score (if done within one year of the date of their original TVA Score), it has been found that such re-scores only result in a positive outcome when the client has engaged the services of a professional  consultant to help them resolve the issues identified by TVA.